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The Challenge

The development of technology in the last years has also made our living environment advanced and economical. However, the children are exposed to content and dangers in the physical and digital living environment.

According to my research among parents of young children I found that they are concerned about the content to which they are exposed digitally and concerned about the dangers in the living environment.


The Personas

Hi, I'm Shani

Age: 35
Status: Married and a mother of three children
Occupation: Accountant at a high-tech company
Residence: Ramat Hasharon

Shani is a mother of three children: Ron- 10, Omer- 8, and Shir- 6.
Wakes up every morning around 6.30 and her day begins with preparing the children and droping them off in schools.
In addition, she always takes care of preparing the lunch for Ron and Omer in plates ready for heating in the microwave.

Ron and Omer have a cell phone and they update her when they leave school and when they get home, but She always worries when they are alone at home.


Hi, I'm Tomer

Age: 37
Status: Shani's husband
Occupation: Army man
Residence: Ramat Hasharon

Tomer is Shani's husband, he is an army man, so the hours he spend at home are Limited.
He wakes up in the morning, usually helping with sandwiches for the kids and then leaves for another day at the base and returns in the late afternoon.

When he return, he helps as much as he can with the showers and preparing dinner for the kids.
He also always checks and makes sure that the children come home after school, come to classes and more.

"The day-to-day management of the house is entirely my wife's, I work long hours and in emergencies I am not at home and she is the one who manages everything. I won it."


Hi, I'm Ron

Age: 10
Status: Primary school student and football player in the children's league
Residence: Ramat Hasharon

Ron is the older son of Shani and Tomer, he attends Ramat hasharon at Rabin School. After school day he picks up the little brother and they return home. He always calls his mom to give her an update when they get home and if they forget, mom always calls to make sure.

"When we get home we heat the food plates that mom made for us in the morning in the microwave, eat and pass the time until mom comes in front of the TV, play games on the phone or TV. When mom comes back we do homework, that way she also helps us when needed."

Between two and three times a week, Ron plays football in the children's football league. Training is usually around 16.00-17.00. For training he travels on parental pick-up shifts.


Hi, I'm Omer

Age: 8
Status: Studying at school
Residence: Ramat Hasharon

Omer is the middle son of Shani and Tomer. He attends school together with Ron and comes home with him every day at noon.


“Even if I finish school earlier than Ron,

I prefer to wait for him at school and come home with him. I'm a little scared to go home alone".


Hi, I'm Shir

Age: 6
Status: first grade student. Dancing in a dance class
Residence: Ramat Hasharon

Shir is the youngest daughter of Shani and Tomer. She starts the day at school and stays in the afternoon until mom finishes work and comes to pick her up. In two more years she too will start coming home together with Ron and a Omer.

"Mom always picks me up from school and then we go home. Play, do homework. Once a week I have a dance class and Mom always takes me and brings me back."


The Concept

Smart home app for families with young children, focus on the central value - safety!

The app allows parents to control the products at home on their children's use permissions, includes important safety alerts and provides a sense of security for parents and children.

The Wireframe

רקע מפה 1.png

Home Page

Allows parents to know the location of the children on the map for tracking their route home from school and more.

In addition, the home page allows you to watch the security cameras.

2 (1).png

Distress alrets

The Distress Alerts screen allows you to contact the security forces quickly and send alerts to all members of the household.

lamp 1 2.png
Group 134.png

Device Pages

Allows to control the products at home remotely.

מוקאפ הגדרות.png

User Settings

Allows parents to control their children's use of the app, and build plans that fits to their lifestyle.

ORH85K1 1.png

The Main Colors

Group 145.png





Group 137.png

H1     Semibold, 16

H2     Semilight, 16

H3     Semilight, 14


Next Project

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